I complained a lot about the terrible vendors I had to deal with before my wedding. And some were pretty bad while others were the WORST (Ohana party rentals and their lies, two different hair people who canceled on very short notice). But some vendors were genuinely wonderful and I wanted to take a second to give some shout outs.

Taco Pedaler makes excellent tacos and related items. Really good and really fun to work with. They ought charge way more for them and now that our wedding is over, I don't mind them finding that out.

Elephants Deli has a garden room in their 22nd Ave location that is a beautiful place to hold a dinner party. And the food was awesome.

Portland Parks only reserves locations in the calendar year so you have to wait in line at 4am on January 3rd. It's not ideal, but they're super nice about it and an employee even showed up an hour before they opened with free coffee for everybody in line.

Something Borrowed is like a magic portal between where you are and where Pinterest wants you to be. I encourage renting all your kitschy wedding needs (like mason jars).

You can rent mason jars. Amazing.
  • You have nothing to do with 100 mason jars afterwards, so just rent.

Citrine & Blue took our photos and they were completely awesome. Easy to work with and great results. Photography is the most saturated part of wedding industry in Portland, but these two are a step above everybody else.

Okay, that's enough positivity for one week. I'll be back soon with more snark.