Why have one measly record release show when you can have a whole week's worth? That's what the good folks at Banana Stand are doing to mark the release of their Live at the Banana Stand, Volume 2 compilation. (For info on Volume 1 and more about Banana Stand, check out our feature article from last year.) The upcoming album collects live recordings of various top-notch Portland bands who've played at Banana Stand's secret house venue over the past several months, and officially hits the streets on Tuesday, September 3. Take a listen to Radiation City's contribution, a live performance of "Eye of Yours."

From September 1 to September 8, scheduled around and during MusicfestNW, Banana Stand is hosting nine shows at various (public) venues around town—all but one of which are free. Take a look at the super-rad schedule they've cooked up, which also includes an opening art reception at SoHiTek gallery for photos, posters, and artwork from Banana Stand's collaborators; the exhibition will be up all through September. Best of all, you can pick up a free copy of Live at the Banana Stand, Volume 2 at any of these shows.

Sun 9/1, Rontoms—Au Dunes + TBD (8 pm, FREE)
Mon 9/2, Dig A Pony—Old Age (8 pm, FREE)
Tues 9/3, Holocene—Speaker Minds + Fault Lines + Tiger House (8 pm, FREE)
Wed 9/4, Hawthorne Theatre—Wes Guy (5 pm, FREE)
Thurs 9/5, Sohitek Gallery—Fanno Creek + Art from Banana Stand (2007-2013) (6 pm, FREE)
Fri 9/6, Double Dragon—Nathan Trueb (of Tango Alpha Tango) + Ryan Stively (4 pm, FREE)
Sat 9/7, Floating World Comics—surprise special guests (6 pm, FREE)
Sat 9/7, Valentine's—Animal Eyes + Eidolons + Bubble Cats (8 pm, FREE)
Sun 9/8, Mississippi Studios—Billions and Billions + Palo Verde + Lunch (8 pm, $5)

Click the jump for the compilation track listing, and head over to Banana Stand's site for more info about the comp and the release shows.

Vol. 2 Track List
1. Little Tents - The We Shared Milk
2. Eye of Yours - Radiation City
3. Animals - And And And
4. SloWave - Grandparents
5. Monolith - Minden
6. Spinnin' - Speaker Minds
7. Wee See Colors - Sam Humans
8. Victoria - Fanno Creek
9. The Rain Won't Ever Come - Old Age
10. Bull Form - Curious Hands
11. Animal Eyes - The No Tomorrow Boys
12. New York Sleep - Tiger House
13. Busted Drywall - The Greater Midwest
14. When My Station Is Called - The Morals
15. Rubber Stopper - The Heligoats
16. Bend Your Knees - Animal Eyes
17. The Savage Coast - No Kind of Rider
18. Patmos - Sama Dams
19. Dot Dash - Tartufi