The Timbers released a new video on their YouTube channel yesterday to honor their season ticket holders, and it's worth a look:

Capt. Will Johnson bringing on-field intensity to his commute? Check. Keeper Donovan Ricketts dramatically taping his prized fingers? Yep. Midfielder Sal Zizzo's hair staying perfectly in place during slow-mo drills? You bet.

If the song doesn't sound familiar, don't worry your lil' hipster heart out, because it shouldn't—the Timbers' creative team penned the original tune for the video, which was produced locally by Juliet Zulu and shot by Studio Jelly over two weeks in June/July. Portland musician Mike Coykendall provided vocals, which combined with slow-motion HD and a single strumming guitar make for a rather haunting presentation. The theme also marks a shift in focus from previous PTFC marketing efforts: Whereas last year, the "Portland Timbers anthem" featured fans and players alike, here the camera is squarely on the team as it preps for/plays a match earlier this season against Colorado.

It makes sense: Portland sits in fourth place out west and despite a bit of a lull lately, is primed for a playoff run. Timbers Army is still a big part of the home-game draw, without a doubt, but those who've secured a ticket this sold-out MLS season have witnessed some win-or-die-t(r)ying action on the pitch, too. Speaking of, the Timbers are back home at 8 p.m. Saturday, when they host Dallas.