Subject tags for this week's letters section: kids, Woody Allen, Hulk, Denis C. Theriault, and renaissance fairs. Always so telling. Shall we?

—Ian Karmel made some hilarious observations about parents who dress their kids up like they're "opening for the Thermals" (so true) and pregnant mothers who put Rubik's Cubes up their hoohas that come out solved, so... Everyone agreed! Kids: always so telling.

—Author Zac Pennington made the case that Blue Jasmine, thanks to its cast, is one of those increasingly rare Woody Allen films that won't make you feel swindled. But is it too little, too late? Somebody thinks so.

—Someone wrote in to criticize how Hulk looks in his column photo. Hulk sad.

—Somehow this blog post on a very important issue turned into a pro/con match over News Editor Denis C. Theriault—is he a shill for the man? Shouldn't he have gotten that question right on Jeopardy!?—before coming back around to the actual post. Last word: It's a "clever piece of advocacy journalism."

—And, perhaps the best response to Wm. Steven Humphrey's dalliance with the renaissance fair scene comes from "A," who envisions a more realistic version in which "90 percent of entrants would immediately be directed to perform manual labor for three days from dawn to dusk. On the last day they'd be sorted by religious beliefs, formed into groups, and then they'd stab each other to death." And for this he winneth the Letter of the Week.


Good day, sirs!