STORYTELLING—Benefit from the bravery of others at Mortified, the long-running storytelling series featuring adults dragging the most embarrassing parts of their childhood onstage with them, to celebrate and set free the gawky, dorky freak hiding inside us all. BR
Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan, Fri & Sat 8 pm, $12-15, 21+

CULT FLICK—When it comes to hilariously awful cult flicks, director Tommy Wiseau's The Room remains tough to beat! Join Cinema 21 as they celebrate their fourth anniversary of showing this interactive terrible classic, with a merchandise and concessions giveaway, AND a special Skype appearance from Greg Sestero—who plays Johnny's best friend Mark! SQUEEE!!! WSH
Cinema 21, 616 NW 21st, 10:45 pm, $7