Welcome back to episode 2 of the Breaking Bad Chitty Chat Club! Did you watch the psychologically fierce showdown between Skyler and Hank last night? Then let's chitty-chat this b-hole! Spoilers, recappin', and your incisive comments after the jump! CHITTY-CHAT AWAY!

Ill take the Dont Try to Manipulate Me, Dickwad with a side of bacon and some OJ, please.
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  • "I'll take the 'Don't Try to Manipulate Me, Dickwad' with a side of bacon and some OJ, please."

Here's what I'm thinking about last night's episode, "Buried."

1) Last night's episode opens with an old grizzled guy coming out to his beat-up pickup truck and I was all like, "OMIGOD, that's Walt in 30 years! He's alive! HE'S ALIIIIIIIVE!" Of course I was wrong and an idiot once again. The old guy finds the stacks of money Jessie was practicing his hook shots with, and then finds Jessie himself ridin' solo on a playground merry-go-round. Hey, old guy! Are you gonna give him a push, or what?

2) We jump to Walt leaving Hank's garage, and he's like, "Oh shit, better call Skyler." Except Hank's calling Skyler! OH SHIT! Turns out he's meeting her at Denny's for a Grand Slam of Manipulation (see what I did there?). After painting her as a victim of Walt's shenanigans, Hank is clearly giving her a way out if she tells him everything. And sorry, haterz! Skyler once again proves she's the smartest person on this show by recognizing Hank's manipulations and refusing to give him DICK. Hoorah, Skyler!

3) "Better Call" Saul advises Walt to not call Skyler (in case she's being wire-tapped) and to round up all that moolah he's got saved up in the National Bank of Storage Shed. Using two sleepy stooges to put it all in barrels for him, Walt then transfers his savings into the First Federal Savings and Desert Hole. (FDIC approved.)

4) Hank pulls another manipulation by sending over Skyler's whining sis Marie in a blatant attempt to whine her to death. Marie guesses everything without Skyler saying a word, and then tries to kidnap the baby? OH HELL NO. (On second thought, the baby does cry a lot, and diapers aren't exactly cheap... so go ahead.)

5) Meanwhile in the "D" storyline, Lydia and her high heels visit the desert meth making plant in an attempt to get her cooks to make less shitty meth. Their facilities are in an underground school bus (??) which is absolutely filthy, and Lydia gives them one more chance to use Walt's psychotic former protege Todd to teach them how to do it right. They refuse, and get some of Todd's bullets in their heads for their trouble. (Welcome back, psychotic Todd!)

6) Whining Marie whines Hank into going back to work, where he discovers KA-BOING! jesse being interviewed by local law enforcement! Hanks scoots them away and settles down for a nice long chitty-chat with "Dr. J". (I call him Dr. J because of the hook shots he was doing with the stacks of money and OH FORGET IT, SOMETIMES JOKES JUST DON'T WORK OUT THE WAY YOU PLANNED AND YOU LATER HATE YOURSELF FOR TYPING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!)

7) Walt gets the GPS numbers for his buried loot, and posts a lottery ticket with those same digits on Skyler's fridge. He collapses in the bathroom, confessing that he's the cause of Hank's suspicions and his old pal "Cancer" has returned. Walt begs Skyler that, no matter what happens, she should keep the money. (Because he will almost certainly be taking a trip to "Belize".)

8) Hey, I loved this episode! So moody, and tense, and those long scenes with just two people talking were great. That really speaks well of Vince Gilligan's series if they can produce scenes like that, and we're enthralled rather than bored to tears. SOOOOO... WHAT DID YOU THINK? Let's hear your opinions in the comments! Today's study question? Who gets sent on a trip to Belize next?

Ahhh... Im so glad I wore my manipulation suit today.
  • Courtesy AMC
  • "Ahhh... I'm so glad I wore my manipulation suit today."