Another "Five Small Acts of Unadulterated Awesomeness Around Portland"

In my ongoing goal to be more positive, I've collected another list of small, but completely great things I've seen around Portland recently.

[1] Panda Express Will Tow You T-shirt from Coffeehouse NW
For as long as I've been going there, Coffeehouse NW had this paper sign warning you not to park at Panda Express. Some time in the last year they started printing t-shirts with the same janky skull and crossbones. Awesome job capitalizing on a local annoyance.


[2] Multiple Nights of Nerd To Choose From
#NerdNightOut is put on by World's Most Delightful Humans, the Doubleclicks. Check out the shows this Thursday/Friday at Action/Adventure Theatre featuring the Doubleclicks, Marian Call, Josh A. Cagan, and me!


Nerd Nite is less superhero nerd and more gene cataloging nerd and is produced by the woman who used to run OMSI Science Pub (which exists under new management and is also pretty great).

This is a great town to be a nerd in if you're the kind of nerd who likes to leave the house either at nite or at #night.

[3] Shadow Outlining

It could be one person or it could be many people, but somebody occasionally outlines the shadows of things in sidewalk chalk and then when the shadows move, you can see where they used to be. It's a great trick.

[4] Reno, NV Found Concrete Art
This one tickles me especially hard because I grew up in Reno, NV. But somebody (not me, but I wish it was) noticed this concrete cut looked a lot like the state of Nevada and so added the Colorado River at the bottom and a star for Reno.


[5] Beanie Baby Adventure
You probably didn't see this because it happened in my building, but somebody put an entire collection of Beanie Babies on the free table in the lobby. An hour later, the stuffed bears had been repositioned to every corner of the lobby. Hiding in the trees, the vending machine, all over. I wish so bad I had thought of this first.


Want to nominate other small things around town that are unequivocally wonderful? Hit me with an e-mail.