FILM—As part of their Repressed Cinema series, the Hollywood Theatre is busting out 35mm prints of two movies you wouldn't want to take your mother to: 1976's New York sleaze-fest Massage Parlor Hookers and 1972's women-in-prison flick Sweet Sugar. Classy! EH
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, Hookers at 7:30 pm, Sweet Sugar at 9:15 pm, $8

ART SHOW—After being ousted from their old home and raising funds for a new one on Kickstarter, beloved local zine emporium Reading Frenzy finally flings open their doors on Mississippi. Their inaugural art show in their new space is Letterfirm, a group exhibit of typography from some of the most interesting designers and typographers working today. AH
Reading Frenzy, 3628 N Mississippi, reception 6 pm, through Sept 18