In yesterday's arts news post, I noted that radio show Live Wire has shown tremendous improvement over the past few years—thanks largely to the hard work of longtime host/head writer Courtenay Hameister, who stepped down as host at the end of last year. (She'll continue to work as head writer.)

Yesterday, Live Wire officially announced that Seattle comedian/radio personality Luke Burbank will take over hosting duties, starting when the new season launches in September. This is not, at all, a surprise—Burbank filled in for Hameister several times last season, and was widely expected to step into the role. (Though I admit I held out the faintest hope for Alex Falcone, who's the only local I could imagine in a role like this.)

Burbank is best known for his popular podcast Too Beautiful to Live, and he's got big shoes to fill: One of the things that was notable about Hameister as a host was how prepared she was, for every interview. She read the books, she watched the movies, she listened to the album. (You might think it goes without saying that someone who interviews an author has read that author's book; it absolutely does not.) As a result, Live Wire's guests and audience have come to expect a high level of engagement with the material at hand. No pressure, Burbank. (Pressure.)

Burbank's first official show will be recorded live on Sept 7 at the Alberta Rose (to air on Sept 14), with filmmaker Lynne Shelton (Hump Day), Found Magazine's Davy Rothbart, and Thao Nguyen of Thao and the Get Down Stay Down.

Here is a somewhat portentuous video announcing his new gig.