Sometimes rants cannot be confined to one I, Anonymous Blog submission. That's why this guy wrote TWO.

And Men, did you know your wives, sisters, daughters and mothers are splattering their piss all over formerly clean toilet seats? You women who use the very nice, very clean restrooms in the visitors' center, the library, and the mall, and squat and splatter your piss all over the toilet seat: Get a clue what nice, clean restrooms the world would have without you, and off yourselves. Why are Portlanders so obtuse about driving right into blocked intersections? I've lived in all four west coast states, and with the possible exception of Alaskans, you are the stupidest at causing gridlock.

There's a lot more mini-rants in Part One and Part Two, so read 'em all! And if this guy didn't use up all your rants and confessions, send them on to the I, Anonymous Blog—a site big enough to hold all the rants in the world.