Ken White at Popehat writes:

For ten years Pamela Jones has run Groklaw, a site collecting, discussing, and explaining legal developments of interest to the open-source software community. Her efforts have, justifiably, won many awards.

She's done now...Pamela Jones is ending Groklaw because she can't trust her government. She's ending it because, in the post-9/11 era, there's no viable and reliable way to assure that our email won't be read by the state — because she can't confidently communicate privately with her readers and tipsters and subjects and friends and family.

You should read the whole Groklaw post on this, and really take the moral of the story to heart: The internet is not a safe way to transmit confidential communications. That is a real conclusion reached by real lawyers, and it's hard to imagine someone making an argument to the contrary.