As Steve noted on Tuesday, brilliant crime writer Elmore Leonard passed away earlier this week; the thing that seemed to make the most internet rounds was a list of Leonard's rules of writing. But this might be even better: The Stacks' "collection of the first lines of Leonard's novels," arranged by decade.

"Every time they got a call from the leper hospital to pick up a body Jack Delaney would feel himself coming down with the flu or something." —Bandits (1987)

Read them all here, and bonus! One of them is from Mr. Majestyk, which I totally forgot he wrote. Which makes me think that some theater in town should book an Elmore Leonard film series, showing all the stuff that's been based off his work: Out of Sight, Jackie Brown, Get Shorty, Mr. Majestyk, Be Cool... maybe throw in the first few episodes of Justified to close things out. I'd watch the hell out of that.