Green Day—and I say this as someone who has every note and every word of Dookie burned into my each of my neurons, where they will remain until I die—was never, shall we say, a bastion of admirable punk ideology, but it's still strange to see the proto-pop-punkers just... keep on milking as they barrel into their (holy shit) 40s. Next up: A documentary about their musical about their once-timely political rock opera.

Broadway Idiot, which chronicles the theater adaptation of Green Day's American Idiot, is set to hit the big screen on October 18, it was announced Thursday.

The documentary will begin a special theatrical engagement in New York on Oct. 11 before hitting theaters in the TheU.S. and Canada and video on demand a week later....

Directed by Doug Hamilton, the title looks at the challenges of adapting the multi-platinum punk-rock opera into the 2010 Broadway production. Broadway Idiot debuted at the South by Southwest Festival earlier this year. (Via.)

I was in college the one and only time I saw the Rolling Stones in concert, and they were far, far past their expiration date—seeing Jagger was still impressive, and it wasn't a bad show or anything, but it was also profoundly odd to be watching them while sitting behind a rich-looking fat dude who was wearing what had to be at least a $500 leather jacket emblazoned with the Stones' tongue logo. I remember thinking that it'd probably be kind of weird to see the bands I grew up with when, and if, they ever got to a similar point. Now I know, and yep, it's pretty weird.