Yesterday Theatre Vertigo announced their 2013/2104 ensemble, and the list features a striking number of new names: By my count, Nathan Dunkin, Stephanie Cordell, Nathan Crosby, Lori Ferraro, Jane Geesman, Jason Glick, Shawna Nordman, and Holly Wigmore are all fresh additions.

A lot of locally well-known and high-profile actors have cycled through Vertigo over the years, including Todd Van Voris, Amy Newman, and Darius Pierce. At this point, most of the faces I once associated with Vertigo are gone. (Kerry Ryan is the sole exception, and she's leaving in the winter to work with Third Rail.) It's great to see the company aggressively pursuing new talent, particularly because they're in such an odd spot this year: They've just lost their longtime home at Theater! Theatre on SE Belmont, and they're moving into much smaller digs in the tiny Shoebox Theatre until they're able to find or build a new space. By the looks of this list, though, they're not letting their smaller home constrain their ambition.

Vertigo's season kicks off in October with Jeffrey Hatcher's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; tickets for that are already on sale, and they're gonna go fast.