My my, that was fast. Wildfang—the clothing store that launched to cater specifically to tomboys*—opened as an online shop back in March. It was clear from the start that there were some big guns backing them up before they launched out the gates. They had a huge following on social networks, a beautifully produced, celeb-studded promo video, and an office full of employees (ask anyone who's ever started a small, independent boutique what their early days looked like, and they'll describe the same thing—wink).

Just five months later—well ahead of schedule—they've opened up their brick 'n' mortar shop location at 1230 SE Grand, and yesterday they hosted the official grand opening of the new space, replete with cascades of paper cranes, a carving wall, and an A-frame, fort-like dressing room.


Hop over to MOD for more shots of the interior, including the best use of plywood since soapbox cars.

*Back when I was covering the opening, some commenter or another made a crack about "why don't they just say they're marketing to lesbians?" I think their appeal is clearly broader than that (isn't "tomboy" specific enough?), but they're not not marketing to lesbians either, which is kind of a great move considering that hardly anybody else is.