It's a Vacation-sized Video Vriday! (meaning: small)

Here's Lord Dying's horrow-show video for "Dreams of Mercy," and if you expected a cute little video with bunnies frolicking in a field, you've been booby-trapped. The video—directed by Whitey McConnaughy, who's responsible for those amazing Red Fang videos—sees the members of Lord Dying meet a series of sticky ends. Scare easily? Gore freaks you out? You've been warned. Lord Dying plays September 15 at Rotture with Valient Thorr and Ramming Speed.

Only got two today. Here's Old Light's video and I guess it's similarly NSFW, although that's more by suggestion than what you actually see. Directed by Inger Klekacz, the video follows a trenchcoated man—yes, that's OPB's Jeremy Petersen—as he spreads good cheer throughout the land. This track comes from their No cassette, which came out in January and will be part of the five-cassette Variations box set the band's releasing in October. They play Saturday, October 5 at Mississippi Studios.