Woohoo! Here comes another great Portland beer fest—and YOU CAN WIN FREE TICKETS for Saturday! Portland? Meet Lagerfest.

Lagerfest is where cheap beer crushing meets finely crafted brew making. It’s a celebration of the lager–everyone’s very first introduction to beer, the one that takes us all back to our younger days when beer meant something cheap and in a can. Hosted by White Owl Social Club. Lagerfest takes place August 24th and 25th from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

Over 40 breweries will participate and each will provide their own sophisticated take on the classic lager beer. The $20 entrance fee includes ten free tastings, a Lagerfest beer drinkin’ mug, and one epically good time! Killer food provided by Eastside Deli and White Owl Social Club! Go to the Mercury Stranger Tickets online to buy now in advance at a discounted price.

Be sure to plan on dancing some of those empty calories off the night of the 24th at the Lagerfest After Party with DJ’s Jessicat and Danny Dodge — This event is free and hosted by White Owl. Don’t blow it, and make sure you’re at this year’s very first Lagerfest!

A portion of the proceeds of the Oregon Lagerfest goes to the Pixie Project & 91.1 XRAY.fm

Want a pair of tickets for Saturday? Email me here by 3 pm today (put "LAGERFEST" in the subject line), and I'll award the lucky winner this afternoon! WOOT NOW!

UPDATE: Annnd we have a winner! Thanks to everyone for playing, and keep popping into Blogtown for more ticket giveaways!