The first email I got, I figured was spam. It was back in January and it said I had an overdue bill. But there was no link to give bank account info, just an invoice with a bunch of ID numbers, descriptions of kinds of incense, and shipping dates.

In February I got a scan of a rail shipping document. In April I got a sternly worded if unproffesionally spelled warning to "In future pls dispatch the material in different invoices and different vehicles for ur order" and a reminder of our outstanding invoice from January.

Then the bombshell. Last week, they emailed me that because of rising diesel costs, they need to raise my rail shipping costs. Now I'm expected to pay "Bangalore to Kolkata : Rs. 45000/- per Std 18 ft LPT on door to door basis." Well that's just an outrage. My imaginary company can't handle that kind of an increase, we're still late paying our January invoice! Up until now I had assumed the invisible hand of the market would deal with my imaginary company, but it just hasn't work out that way.

What do I do? I don't want to declare imaginary bankruptcy! I'm so bad at business, I don't know how to handle a situation like this.