I know everyone is still recovering from Burger Week, but the Merc's already on to our next cultural food moment: The October 6 Chili Jamboree!!

This time we've partnered up with Mississippi Studios, Jack Daniel's, Pabst, and Nicky USA for a collision of food and music you will not soon forget!

We tapped some of the city's brightest culinary lights to create their best, meanest competitive chili. Like who, you say? Oh just badasses such as Radar's Jonathan Berube, Ned Ludd's Jason French, Broder/Savoy's Alton Garcia, Lardo's Rick Gencarelli, Tasty & Sons' Tynan Gibson & Charlie Phillip, Departure's Gregory Gourdet, Podnah's Pit's Rodney Muirhead, Smokehouse 21's BJ Smith, Smallware's Johanna Ware, and Castagna's Justin Woodward. The best chili—and the inaugural winner of the Chili Belt—will be determined by you after busting a gut sampling each and every submission.

But that's not all! The chili sampling will be soundtracked by an ass kicking roster of country bands headline by Lucero (!) including Sturgill Simpson, Daniel Romano, Shelby Earl, and Mission Spotlight. Tickets for this are gonna fly, and they just went on sale, so get yours quick, and don't forget to pack the joint with your homies and stay up on Chili Jamboree developments via FB.