I was reading the column of yours with the question about the stepson who liked diapers and then scrolled down to read the second question—the one from the "disfigured" guy complained about having lost two and a half fingers on his right hand. You said this to him:

Look, motherfucker, there are people out there with missing limbs, people who were badly burned in fires, people with disfiguring birth defects. One day volunteering in a burn ward or at Walter Reed might help you put your mangled hand in some sort of perspective. Because it could be worse. And burn victims and people with missing limbs and people with birth defects? Lots and lots of them are out there dating and getting laid and finding partners despite the cruel looks they sometimes get from thoughtless children.
You took the words right out of my mouth.

I am a severe burn survivor. I lost my hands and feet in an explosion when in April of 1990 when I was ten years old. I truly hate it when people don't see what they have and act as if they have nothing. The guy is missing two and a half fingers and he thinks nobody wants him? He needs to call off his pity party and wake up. When he's missing four limbs, covered in burn scars, etc., then maybe he can complain. Even I don't do that! I'm just grateful to be alive.
Anyway, Dan, I just wanted to let you know on behalf of burn survivors that I appreciate you mentioning us as an example.
-Better Understand Reality Now