Few things are more grotesque than those costume-mascot-theme-park-animal-character things that barely conceal the angry, sweaty teenagers inside them, and this goes double when those things are supposed to be Homer and Marge Simpson. HOWEVER. Something that totally makes those goddamn monstrosities worth looking at is the remarkable/terrifying amount of pictures and video that Inside the Magic (via io9) has of Universal Studios Florida's Simpsons-themed "Fast Food Boulevard," which opened in June.

On the downside, Moe's Tavern looks entirely too clean and like you wouldn't even get hepatitis there, but on the upside, it opens daily at 10:30 am! There's also Kwik-E-Mart, Krusty Burger (whose food trays look as disgusting as Moe's should), the Frying Dutchman, Lisa's Teahouse (of Horror), and more. I'd say if you wanted to spend insane amounts of money to go to a glorified mall food court and eat a bunch of expensive cheap meat that's been congealing under heat lamps, this should be where you go. This has to be the first time that a broad satire of American life has been turned into an actual place that Americans will spend money to go to, right?

(Also on the boulevard: the Android's Dungeon comic book shop, which, like entirely too many places that once sold print media, is now merely a hollow shell, "with absolutely nothing behind it except restrooms and a pathway.")