The blog post "Piggy, Pig, Pig, Pig!" over on the I, Anonymous Blog is a cause I hold near and dear to my heart. I'll let the anger of I, Anonymous speak first:

This afternoon I was walking from the industrial part of town to one of the major transit transfer points. I look up & see what looks like an elderly version of the Muppet’s Miss Piggy barreling down the sidewalk on a little rascal scooter. I move towards the fence on my left, there’s more than enough room for her to pass. I’m taking no more than one seventh of the huge empty sidewalk.
She halts to a sudden stop & yells at me because she wants me to move to the right so she could be by the fence. Apparently the curb that’s a few yards away is something she never gets near because she would hurl in the abyss of non-existent traffic.

Okay, how wrong is this asshole?!! All sidewalk traffic should be on the right! What are we in jolly old England? Hell to the no. Sidewalk traffic should be flowing in an orderly fashion on the right. THE RIGHT, I SAY! As a microcosm of law-abiding street traffic, it is our duty as responsible users of sidewalks to get our asses to the correct side of the thoroughfare. This is not 'Nam. There are rules. So don't be like old fuckface here in your slack-jawed sidewalk usage, but feel free to follow their lead and rant it out over on the I, Anonymous Blog.