Remember back in July when I'd just come back from my first-ever trip through the ghosts towns of Central Oregon, and I was all hot to trot on the fact that Know Your City was hosting a guided tour (something that seems quite useful, considering there's nothing, and almost nobody out there, to give you much context behind the chilling (and kind of romantic) abandoned settings)? Well, they had to cancel that one. But! Now there's another one!

Tickets are now on sale for another shot at Ghosts of Times Past, a two-day excursion set for September 21-22, hitting the busted boom towns of Boyd, Dufur, Friend, Shaniko and Antelope, an overnight stay in the demi-ghost town (and totally awesome to rip around) Mitchell, hiking through the Painted Hills, and more, accompanied by Join Keith May, author of Ghosts of Times Past: A Road Trip of Eastern Oregon Ghost Towns. Do it. It's a trip.

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