Silent Disco is coming! Wait—how can a dance party be silent?


It isn't silent, really. On Friday, September 13, the Mercury and the good folks at Hotel deLuxe are hosting Silent Disco on the roof of the Hotel deLuxe parking garage—the same spot where the Top Down screenings are held. Here's the buzz:

In a “silent disco” you'll dance to DJs via wireless radio signals transmitted to headphones you receive upon arrival. The idea was born from European clubs, where dense population and noise pollution complaints made headphones a permanent feature of some party venues—but guess what? They also found out it was super fun!

Headphones allow you to adjust your own volume or you can remove them to easily speak with other partiers. Each headset also has two channels so you can switch between them and shake it down to either of the DJs spinning that night including DJ Beyondadoubt, DJ TJ, plus two special guests. But perhaps the best part of all, when a popular song comes on the entire crowd starts singing the words together and that's when you realize that Silent Disco is a fun and sweaty one-of-a-kind experience.

In other words, it's the dance party where you can talk to your friends or get those digits from that special someone without getting blown away by the DJ. Tickets just went on sale, and they'll go fast; go over here to get 'em. It's a Friday the 13th dance party under the stars, and since all the music is inside your headphones, it'll go straight into the wee hours!

Check out the Facebook event page, and get your tickets here!

Silent Disco, Hotel deLuxe Parking Structure Rooftop, SW 15th & Yamhill, Fri Sept 13, 10 pm-3 am, $20 advance, $25 at the door