Wordstock is scheduled to announce their 2013 author lineup on Friday, but I've been doing some sleuthing and two names have popped up that I'm very excited to see:

Alissa Nutting will be in town with her new novel Tampa, about an attractive lady-pedophile who takes a job teaching middle school so as to better prey upon pubescent boys. I found Tampa thought provoking and very funny; Paul Constant up at The Stranger thought it was a "smarmy little pulp thriller." (In the same piece, he wrote glowingly about Susan Choi's excellent My Educationanother Wordstock author! We agree on that one.)

Similarly controversial, and for very similar reasons, is AM Homes, whose novel The End of Alice is about the correspondence between a convicted murderer and a 19-year-old girl who is herself pursuing a 12-year-old boy. Homes is scheduled to appear at the Wordstock installment of Live Wire!—and Wordstock too, it's safe to assume. I loved her most recent novel, May We Be Forgiven, though it, too, was fairly critically divisive.

So there you have it: Two controversial and beloved-by-me female authors who have taken sharp criticism for writing from the perspective of pedophiles. That's going to be quite the panel discussion.