RIDDICK Not pictured: Space Puppy.
  • RIDDICK Not pictured: Space Puppy.

TOUCHY FEELY Alison Hallett says the latest from Humpday director Lynn Shelton has a hard time balancing great performances with goofy plot devices. That seems fair. Balancing can be tricky.

SPARK: A BURNING MAN STORY One of the best parts of my job is that I got to make Zac Pennington watch a documentary about Burning Man! And he had to watch the whole thing!

RIDDICK I was so stoked to see Riddick that we even put it in My, What a Busy Week! WHOOPS! Turns out that Riddick STARTS awesome, but then totally fucks it up thanks to some impressively bad decisions.

SHORT TERM 12 Do you love movies set in residential facilities for high-risk children? Then you're in luck! David Schmader says this one's really good!

ADORE Charles Mudede saw a movie in which some sons bone some mothers! He also defined what "cinematic" means, because he's friendly like that.

There's more, as ever, in Film Shorts, including reviews of the documentary The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear and Richard Elfman's Forbidden Zone. And here are your Movie Times.

Oh, and, HEADS UP: One of my favorite movies ever, Steven Soderbergh's Out of Sight, starts a week-long run at the Laurelhurst tonight. Have you seen this movie? You should see this movie.

RIP, Elmore Leonard.