Furious, screeching nerds all over the internet already have it in for the troubled reboot of RoboCop, in part because they love Paul Verhoeven's 1987 original (as they should) and in part because they haven't bothered to watch the Elite Squad movies that the reboot's director, Jose Padilha, made a few years ago (they should).

I'm not entirely sure that MGM is up for making a movie that's as gleefully satirical and viciously funny as Verhoeven's—the original RoboCop is a fantastic satire, and considering that many of the things it lampooned have only gotten worse in the past two decades (like, way worse), the opportunity for this RoboCop to have some fun with it subject matter is certainly there. I'm hoping the filmmakers take advantage of that opportunity—while American movies these days are generally a lot safer and blander, Padilha seems like the kind of director who might be able to buck that trend.

Plus, you know, Michael Keaton.