And a very fine morrow to all of you! It's going to be a pleasant day of diversions for me—I think Marjorie has convinced me to attend a cat show—but that can wait. The news barrels grimly on.

With President Obama getting ready to give us the hard sell on Syrian intervention this Tuesday, the European Union has piped up. It concurs the Syrian government launched chemical weapons against its own people, but wants the US to hold its horses. And here: This Washington Post story on the developments features a delightfully awkward photo of Secretary of State John Kerry and EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton. Diplomacy!

BREAKING NEWS from the New York Times, which reports: For cheaper homes, skip Manhattan. Who knew?

With flagging membership and amid stormy political seas, one of the country's largest unions is considering inviting non-union workers to join up. Not to be represented, but just sort of to pitch in.

A widely loathed Montana judge who sentenced a former teacher and current rapist to a paltry 30 days in jail has realized his error. He lacks the authority to remedy it, though.

I feel like this is a weird milestone for international news organizations to trumpet, but the last known person to have witnessed Hitler's final hours is dead.

The National Security Agency will not be waylaid by our petty web encryptions, but that isn't stopping Google from trying.

Here's some great news for all you volcano fans.

The state treasurer's office has started crunching the numbers on a scheme to forge ahead with a new bridge over the Columbia River without the state of Washington's participation. So far, it's not mad at what it sees.

The deluges of Thursday and Friday notwithstanding, I'm ready for fall. But summer ain't going out like that.


Sorry, gang. I'm putting an end to all this delightful Norse speculation here and now.