"I love cyclists. No, I don't. I HAAAATE THEEEEEM!"

But what happens when a cyclist doesn't know how to share the road? What happens when a cyclist doesn't know the rules and regulations to owning a bicycle? I understand the harmonies of sharing my space with a cycler. I do not pass them when nearing a stop sign. I do not cut off a bike lane when I am turning, and I am constantly surveying the road for you, my dear, dear cyclist. However, when you try and pass me, illegally, so you can get around to naively turn left, while I'm turning left, you're nearly hit being in my blindside. I will not feel bad if I hit you.

I love people who pretend to have a moral compass and then reveal their sociopathic tendencies. Hey! Do YOU have sociopathic tendencies, too? The by all means drop off your casual threats, rants and confessions in the I, Anonymous Blog—it's the sociopathiest!