Mercury pals! This Friday's Silent Disco is selling out fast... that's why I quickly snagged three pairs of tickets to give away on Blogtown! Do you want to come? You should, because it's gonna be ba-zonkers.

Silent Disco is a outdoor rooftop dance party—on top of the Hotel DeLuxe parking structure—with FOUR DJs (including DJ Beyonda and DJ TJ). How can we get away with that? By giving everyone HEADPHONES. Slip them on and the music (which you choose) will be wirelessly sent to your ears, so you can shake your ass until 3 am and not disturb a single neighbor! Even better? If you want to chat with your friends or cozy up to someone cute, there's no need to shout. Just take your headphones off and talk in comfort as the craziness goes on around you!

The Mercury's Silent Disco is THIS FRIDAY NIGHT (from 10 pm -3 am) and if you don't wanna be left out of the fun, get your tickets now and here.

Or take your chances and email me here by noon tomorrow (Tuesday), put "SILENCE, PLEASE!" in the subject line, and you'll be entered to win one of three pairs of tickets to Friday's Silent Disco! I really hope to see you there, because it's gonna be a certified blast! (A noiseless one!)