I don't really care who gets the credit, or how it came about, but if Syria manages to avoid a US military strike by agreeing to hand over its chemical weapons to international control, can't we all agree that this is a good thing?

I mean, that would actually accomplish something positive, right? Prevent future use of these weapons. Whereas the type of strike we are contemplating—maybe a dozen or so cruise missiles—was never intended to be anything more than a symbolic gesture (that is, if you consider killing people to be mere symbolism).

And, everybody gets to claim victory! The Russians get to crow over a big diplomatic win, while the Obama administration gets to claim that it was only the threat of military intervention that forced the Syrian concession. And oh yeah. The Syrian people. The get neither blown up by us, nor gassed by their own government. Yay!

I suppose if your sole objective is retribution, then bummer. But otherwise, it looks like a great deal.