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Another week, another Mercury music section that contains nary a mention of Yung Lean, the hot new Swedish hiphop sensation whose tenuous grasp of English, negligible rapping skills, and bizarre obsession with Arizona Iced Tea has made him the most hilarious/WTF? thing to come down the pipe since Die Antwoord. (Also, I'm using the word "sensation" pretty loosely here.)

Jason Isbell got sober and made the best record in a very strong catalog of really good records. Former Oregonian music writer Ryan White was good enough to tell us about it.

LISTEN: Jason Isbell - "Stockholm"

The Born Losers came down from Alaska to make it big. That didn't happen, exactly, but we got the Builders and the Butchers out of the deal. And now we get a Born Losers reunion, too. Portland wins again!

LISTEN: The Born Losers - "Up All Nite"

Dresses might not be on the tip of the hipper-than-thou music scene's tongue, but that scarcely matters. This pair of native Portlanders is making delightful, adorable pop, and they're going places.

LISTEN: Dresses - "Blew My Mind"

Plus the usual rigamarole of Up & Coming shows.