Nouveau R&B practitioners Shy Girls have announced a new EP: The six-track Timeshare comes out October 29 on Hit City (the ASL label will release it in Europe). It's being touted as the Portland band's first EP, although they have an online only EP called Sex in the City (on Bandcamp) which dates from when Shy Girls was essentially frontman Dan Vidmar's solo project.

We've heard Timeshare's staggeringly good closing track "Under Attack," and now we can hear another song from Timeshare, this one titled "Still Not Falling." If you were expecting something other than a sultry, silky bedroom jam, tinged with lust and sorrow, then you, my friend, are listening to the wrong band.

That's the EP cover up above, and I'll post the tracklist after the jump.

(10/29, HIT CITY U.S.A. - 10/28, ASL)

1. Without
2. Still Not Falling
3. When I Say I Love U
4. Second Heartbeat
5. Voyeur's Gaze
6. Under Attack