Tomorrow afternoon starting at 1 at the Portland area's hardest-core gym*, the Warrior Room, there will be beer flowing, food vending, and a bunch of tough broads arm wrasslin' for charity. If you live anywhere near Milwaukie, you should know about this place. Did I mention it's hard core? It's kettle bell oriented, Tabata-informed circuit training in a funny, supportive, wallet-friendly, and pretty freaking festive atmosphere—how many gyms have you attended that have a beer tap? Cuz this one does. I wish I lived closer, because I haven't gone nearly enough to feel prepared for tomorrow's "Honey Badgers & Cobras" all-female arm wrestling tournament, being held to benefit Northwest Housing Alternatives.

I'll be among the women competing in tomorrow's all-female tournament—who also include apparel designers Alicia Wood and Michelle Lesniak, and radio personality Daria, and while I'm fairly certain I'll have my ass beat, I'll be a totally good sport about it, and a little training from trophy-holding arm wrestling champion Wm Steven Humphrey has hopefully ensured that I won't completely embarrass myself. But no matter: it's all in good fun, and this is a work-hard, play-hard kind of crowd. A mere five bucks gets you in to spectate, there will be a full bar, a beer garden, and impromptu $1 throwdowns. What else are you gonna do, mow your lawn? Nope.

*I have not tried them all, but I've tried a lot, and the WR wipes me out as much as my first 90-minute round of boxing training, which is to say you'll be feeling it for a week.