We mostly know Newark Mayor Cory Booker, around these parts, as the rare big-city boss more popular on Twitter than Sam Adams ever was—and also for racing into burning buildings and rescuing pets. But back across the country, Booker is better known as a candidate for US Senate—which means he's finally getting some nasty headlines instead of the fawning reports that have been more typical of his time in politics.

But he still can't get away from Portland.

Buzzfeed just reported on his Twitter friendship with a stripper from our fair city, Lynsie Lee from vegan paradise Casa Diablo. They met while appearing in a movie about Twitter—shocking!—and it seems they've grown close enough to share direct messages. So she posted some of them. And now Buzzfeed's decided to post them, too. Along with several pictures of her boobs.

And now the story is feeding an even uglier one about Booker, a very popular Democrat: Hand-wringing that he's secretly gay, as if that were somehow terrible. Republicans have already accused him of leaking the relationship to shore up his manly credentials.

Don't get your underwear all bunched, though. The messages are boring. Buzzfeed is reaching. Unless she's sitting on some Anthony Weiner-grade beef she hasn't shared. And so what if she is? Booker's single. And, y'know, strippers are people, too.