Another week, another Mercury music section that you should read right after you check out the amazing trailer for Through the Never, the new Metallica 3D movie that opens this weekend. It looks like Spice World meets The Warriors meets... ABBA: The Movie or something? Also, no crying Dave Mustaine (yay!). This looks awesome dumb as hell awesome. We'll have a review of it up on Friday.

The ladies in UK post-punk group Savages (pictured above) ask that you put down the smartphone.

LISTEN: Savages - "Shut Up"

WEB EXCLUSIVE! Matt Slessler chatted with Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook, master songwriter, singer, and guitarist.

LISTEN: Squeeze - "Another Nail in My Heart"

On his current tour, Peter Hook plays two New Order albums in their entirety. He's got a pretty good reason for doing so.

LISTEN: New Order - "Dreams Never End"

Star Anna kept her ex on the record even after they broke up—and they broke up bad. "It was too good to give a shit about any of that other stuff," Anna told Ryan White.

LISTEN: Star Anna - "For Anyone"

Seattle's Rose Windows join Eastern and Western musics together for far-out, heavy Northwestern psych. Plus, flutes!

LISTEN: Rose Windows - "Native Dreams"

And a super-sized Up & Coming section of all the shows happening this week—it was too big to fit 'em all in the paper, so get greedy online!