Tonight at the intersection of food and beer (or SE Division and 11th or whatever), Breakside Brewing takes over not one but two taplists. Is it unfair? Is it selfish? Is it over the top? Who are we to judge? Oh, we are The Internet. And we judge it fair, selfless, and so close to the top you can't tell if it's over or not.

Things start to get awesome at 4:00pm at Beermongers. There, Breakside will debut their new Fresh Hop Citra IPA. Along for the ride will be some more typically atypical beers from Breakside, such as the Grapefruit Chamomile Sour Ale and Birra Minestra, brewed with tomatoes, basil, and pluots.

If you prefer food with your beer to food in your beer (if you like Breakside, you probably like both), the second Breakside party of the night starts at 6:30pm across the street from Beermongers, at Double Dragon. There, another stacked Breakside taplist (pilsner, summer ale, wheat ale, fresh hop Citra IPA) pairs with the menu of killer Asian dishes at Double Dragon (banh mi, Szechuan burger, Kobe hot dog, etc.). Everything's a la carte so you can mix and match as you see fit, but the pairing suggestions are sure to be spot-on.

Mouth-watering stuff. Honestly, is anybody in this city doing the food-and-beer thing better than Ben Edmunds and the Breakside crew?