Oh, cool, the ads are in 3D now too
  • Oh, cool, the ads are in 3D now too

There's something kind of remarkable about just how awful chains like Regal Cinemas have managed to make the moviegoing experience, with one of the biggest components of that awfulness being the barrage of obnoxious, loud advertisements that hit you with before each and every movie. (*Shakes canes at sky, loses control of bladder*) ANYWAY, hey, good news! By which I mean terrible news! Now they want those ads to start showing up on your phone, too! Take it away Kurt Hall, CEO of the National CineMedia advertising firm and my nemesis!

Hall proposed sending advertising messages directly to audience member phones. The ads could be tied to the onscreen content, and that’s “a hell of a lot stronger than having it just come up on screen.” That’d tie in with another expanding component of National CineMedia’s business: helping manufacturers, especially auto makers, launch new products in trailers. “There’s some good news out there about the number of product launches,” he said. “That’s good news for cinema.” (Via.)

I have no idea how they'd make this work, but if there's enough money in it, I don't doubt they'll find a way. Anyway, this is just a reminder to patronize your local, independent movie theaters—the ones that don't make you spend a movie's entire runtime thinking about how nice your TV and couch are.

(Thanks for the heads up, The Dissolve.)