SE Wine Collective is one of a growing handful of urban wine making operations in the city proper. While Oregon wine—and American wine making generally—has been associated with countryside vineyards and, in our case, pinot, a new generation of vintners are reclaiming the viability of executing these operations within city limits, joining the fray of neighborhood farmers markets, breweries, honeys, butchers, and whatnots that make Portland life so delectable.

Some people argue that direct viticulture is necessary to being able to call yourself a wine maker, while others argue that, practically speaking, even in the country grapes aren't personally grown by the people using them in wine, in many cases. Regardless of where you stand, Portland's urban wine scene is growing (the Bindery development up on NE Sandy now houses the largest underground urban winery in the nation), and SE Wine Collective is one of its touchstones, housing five small wineries (including two newbies, Willful Wines and Fullerton Wines) under one roof at its central SE Divison & 35th location.

Today marks its first anniversary, so if you're looking for a happy hour spot, you might consider the "complimentary pizzas and cecinas from Cibo, cheese, charcuterie and accoutrements" being offered complimentary at the collective today from 5-7 pm, which, naturally, call to be paired with tastes of the wine prepared on the premises. Speaking of which, it's currently harvest season, which means there will be plenty of action to observe in the adjacent winery.

If you can't make it this eve, SE Wine Collective is offering its "harvest happy hours" through Oct 18, too.

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