In his announcement of this year's Thurber Prize winner, The Washington Post's Ron Charles buries the lede:

The Thurber Prize began in 1996 and calls itself “the nation’s highest recognition of the art of humor writing.”

Previous winners of the prize include David Sedaris, Christopher Buckley and Calvin Trillin. No woman has even been named a winner of the Thurber Prize, though women have been finalists, and women may have been included in winning organizations such as the Onion and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Oooh, ooh, I can hear the trolls now: "So what's the big deal? Maybe no woman has written anything worthy of the highest recognition of humor in the last seventeen years, is all." And let me respond to the trolls: Fuck you. You can't scientifically prove that one hilarious piece of writing is somehow more worthy of an award than another hilarious piece of writing. You can only offer your opinion. And the judges of the Thurber Prize, since 1996, have had the opinion that no woman is worthy of winning the Thurber Prize. That's more than a little lapse in political correctness. That's an injustice. You can see a full list of Thurber Prize winners here. They certainly do have a "type," don't they?