In what might be considered the most hilariously stupid story of the day, terribly awful company Exxon is suing not-awful-but-rather-redundant new TV network FXX for stealing their extra X. From Deadline:

ExxonMobil Corp has sued FX Networks over its use of the second “X” in its new, comedy-centric network which, the oil company says, infringes on its interlocking XX’s. This double-cross brawl may come as a surprise to Dos Equis (that’s Spanish for “Two X”), which also has a double-X logo, and we assume the legal wrangling will be be watched with considerable interest by the XX chromosome, and the roman numeral for 20.

Ha! Good one, Deadline. BUT SERIOUSLY. Take a look at these two logos, and judge for yourself: DOES EXXON HAVE A CASE?