Now that the tenant mysteries of Union Way, are pretty well settled, we can turn our attention to the eastside's similarly landmark new development, The Bindery. This space, on SE Sandy and 31st, has the potential to make a big impact on the neighborhood, especially when compared to the already retail-choked West End, where Union Way made its home.

The Bindery already had my interest due to the fact that its basement is now the country's largest underground urban winery, but word of other tenants has been slow to emerge. However, jewelry company Grayling has announced that they're opening in one of the ground floor spaces, with a grand opening celebration coming sometime in November. More of a store than their previous industrial southeast studio space, Grayling will be the only boutique experience in sight. Unless, of course, other indie retailers are heading the Bindery's way, a prospect I surely wouldn't be mad at. (By the way, if you're looking for a restaurant/retail/office/studio/salon space, there are a lot of options.)

The Bindery: Potential, potential, potential.
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  • The Bindery: Potential, potential, potential.