Let's give a rousing "Yeeee-HAW" and wave your hats in the air for the golden belt buckle winners of yesterday's super fun and first annual Portland Mercury Chili Jamboree: Gregory Gourdet of Departure with his Turkey Rendang Chili!


OMIGOD IT WAS SO GOOD I WANNA EAT IT ALL OVER AGAIN. But you know what? ALL our competing chilis were fantastic, and I had a devil of a time deciding who to vote for. So congrats to all of our chefs! And congrats to the Chili Jamboree crowd who not only filled their stomachs with chili delight, but their ears as well with help from such super awesome musical acts as Daniel Romano, Sturgill Simpson, and Shelby Earl—who were all fantastic.

UPDATE: Check out Pat Moran's awesome Chili Jamboree photos here—including the winner accepting his golden belt buckle award!

Check out more Chili Jamboree pics after the jump, and be sure to join us next year for another heapin' helpin' of delicious fun!