A fight on the debt limit—and a potential default on the country's sundry obligations—looms, but Wall Street ain't sweating it. Well, it sort of is, but not as much as it might.

But there's still time for panic. Don't you worry. Senate Democrats are thinking of floating a "test vote" on a bill that would stave off crisis, but the Speaker of the House John Boehner says that's probably a non-starter.

Oh, and also: Some loyal Republicans have apparently grown convinced we don't actually need to pay our debts. So that's a cool development. (By the way, China and Japan disagree.)

On to the exciting world of SCIENCE! The physicists who theorized the existence of the "God particle" back in the 60s have landed the Nobel Prize in Physics—after the Higgs boson was actually discovered last year. The real feat: Waiting 69 49 years to receive their goddam due. I understand precisely none of the actual science surrounding this. It is a major failing, and maybe I'll work on it.

WILDCAT STRIKE! In Boston! Wildcat! Something to do with school bus drivers. Like a furious catamountain charging from the underbrush, tearing to shreds any semblance of an orderly school day! Wildcat.

Diana Nyad sure is a swimmin' fool.

Is it just me, or does Ben Franklin grow more pensively smug with each successive rendition of the $100?

Some big raids in Libya and Somalia this weekend resulted in capture of only one of the intended targets: long-time al-Qaeda big wig Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai. Here's a bit on his background, and here's how he's (maybe) being treated.

California in recent weeks signaled it will let illegal immigrants obtain driver's licenses, and stopped local law enforcement from holding many undocumented suspects for federal immigration authorities. But a bill to allow non-citizens to sit on juries was a step too far for Gov. Jerry Brown.

Conservative scribes at Oregon State University get to continue a suit against the administrators they say restricted their free speech. The US Supreme Court won't take the case up, though.

You know those new suicide barriers on the Vista Bridge? They're not enough to dissuade everybody.

An 86-year-old driver in Boise careened his/her Toyota into a group of funeral-goers yesterday. You got any jokes on this? I'm numb.

I awoke before the sun today, and rode in before the rains. You were lazy, and therefore not so fortunate. Just kidding. I have no idea what your circumstances are. I bet you're industrious in your own way. That was uncalled for. Anyway: gonna rain.


You've got nothing better to do today than watch 1987's animated smash The Brave Little Toaster in its entirety. YouTube's got your back. Jon Lovitz AND Phil Hartman (RIP) were in this thing, y'all.