The second annual Design Week Portland is officially in full swing, with a huge roster of events and open houses that's exciting, but a little intimidating. Thus, the Mercury's guide, where we highlighted some of the most promising, brain-stimulating prospects—or all the ones we could fit, anyway. Here's what looks good today (everything is free unless stated otherwise):

—I've been waiting for an excuse to put Curiosity Club in the paper (thank you DWP) for a long time. Tobias Berblinger and Will Lolcama have been running the semi-monthly series of presentations for three years now, bringing people from an endless range of fields to talk about what they do—check out their video archives to get a sense, where you'll find talks and Q&As from, just recently, a commercial photographer, a vegetable farmer, and a kinetic sculptor. For DWP, they're hosting a special edition at 6 pm tonight at Hand Eye Supply with a panel of past guests addressing how they came to do what they do. Check out our interview with Lolcama and Berblinger to get a better sense of what Berblinger joked is kind of like "Bill and Ted Talks."

—Also tonight at 7 is a presentation from the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Wildfang, the tomboy-focused retail juggernaut founded by a small group of former Nike whiz kids. The event, held at the flagship store at 1230 SE Grand, is free, though they've had enough RSVPs to declare the thing sold out. But the talk is supposed to be followed by a party and... well, you might be able to sneak your way in there. At the least you can read Courtney's interview with them!

—On the tech side of things, at 7 pm at the Fez are the Webvisionary Awards, where those who've made progress and innovation the good old intertubes get acknowledged and rewarded with tiny robot statues! Jelz. Alison wrote a piece on that, too.

Spooltown is among the nascent community of small-run sewing factories serving the city's many independent designers, focusing mostly on bags and leather goods. Tonight at 7:30 at the SE factory they're giving a talk titled "Designing Bags and Accessories for Production," which should appeal both to designers ready to transition from making everything themselves and to those interested in the movement to re-localize manufacturing in general. Courtney also chatted them up for the occasion. This one is $10 to attend.

—Somewhat shrouded in mystery, tonight also marks the launch of the Design Museum Portland, a roving entity that calls attention to the role of design in... pretty much everything. Jenna has a really interesting interview with co-founder and executive director Sam Aquillano, whose explanation of an exhibit in the Boston airport (the original Design Museum is in Boston) goes a long way to convey the sort of thing in store for Portland. Look for it to pop up where you might not expect it, but for tonight it'll be at ADX starting at 6:30 pm.

—Tonight also kicks off the festival's film programming, with a DWP edition of Getting to Know You(Tube) and the first screening of Design Is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli, both at the Hollywood: