Oh, NICE. A cute bartender makes an old blind deaf guy cry! BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

The guy is over 60 years old which means he’s probably really good at reading lips. When you walked in last night and said “oh no not you again”, with your face slightly turned so he couldn’t see. You forgot that there was a mirror in front of you and he read everything that you said about him. I tried to get you to shut up! He read you say that you hate it when he’s there because all he wants to do is sign. That old fucker was proud to know you. He found a cute blonde bartender who could actually speak his language. And last night, you made an old man actually cry tears from his fucking eyes as he scooped up his change and walked out, you bitch.

BOOOOOOOOOO!!! BOOOOOOOOOO!!! BOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Hey do you have someone you want to "BOOOOOOOOOO!!!" at? Send it to the I, Anonymous Blog—where BOOOOOOOOOO!!!