We're over the Design Week Portland hump, but half the fun still lies ahead: Here's what's on our radar for tonight:

—As if you needed more convincing that design isn't just something one talks about in the board rooms of branding firms, the Stumpquest Games Fest kicks off today with indie video and board game designs, tournaments, and a full-on Twin primer. If you want to know WTF "Twine" is, and more, check out Erik's writeup of the 'quest, which runs through Sunday at various locations.

—If you're not headed out to FashioNXT, you can your fashion on in a more locally focused, serious business sort of way with Fashion Speaks, a panel addressing the challenges and future of fashion design in Portland. If you haven't already read it, my interview with organizers and panelists Crispin Argento and Cassie Ridgway gets to the heart of the issues at hand. That's at 7 pm tonight at Spooltown, open to all, and free.

—The Portland Design Auction features over 40 local artists and designers who've made astonishing things that could belong in your closet or your home depending on how the numbers shake out. Even if it gets too rich for your blood, this is a fantastic testament to the breadth of awesome manufacturing happening all around you. It's being hosted at The Good Mod starting at 7 pm.

—On the scientific tip, if you wind up getting to bed early enough to attend tomorrow's 8:30 am Creative Mornings, you'll be treated to "Drew Endy, Designing with Biology," a Stanford professor discussing such future possibilites as "teaching wood to grow into the shape of a chair; making cheese from cultures collected from human skin; and a future in which living organisms can be programmed as easily as computers are now." Not a bad start to a productive day, eh? Alison has more to say about Creative Mornings in general, too. That'll be bright and early at the Hollywood.