In case you didnt know.

How are we getting drunk this weekend? The same as always, curled up around our phone trying to mumble something that will make Siri "accidentally" call our ex? That's important, too, but maybe let's make some time tomorrow, Saturday the 12th, for Hawthorne Hophouse's... ugh... Danktoberfest.

Danktoberfest. Come on, Hawthorne Hophouse. I know you were high when you thought of it, but how, in the cold sober light of day, did this remain a good idea? Obvious answer: nobody is ever not high at the Hawthorne Hophouse. FYI, Danktoberfest is also the name of a beer from Georgia. So these guys weren't even the first to think of this "pun."

Anyway, it's a fresh hop festival, and one of the last of the season. So if you haven't got your fill of that sticky green fresh hop aroma, you'll want to head down to SE Portland. Worthy Brewing will be pouring some special beers (worth it for that alone) and you can play board games with the folks from Cloud Cap Games, who will be on hand to teach people new games.

It runs from 1-7pm, costs nothing to get in, you can bring your kids (if you feel like explaining what "dank" means to your children), there's live music from 3-6, and the food will be Oktoberfest-themed (brats, etc.). If you can get past the name, it sounds like a great time.

Oh, and there will be a table of glassware from Mellow Mood, for obvious reasons. It's Danktoberfest, man.