I don't know if it's rare for House Republicans to open their meetings with a hymn—part of me suspects it's not—but you don't much hear about it. This morning, as they prepare to put forward a package they like better than Senate Republicans' more-moderate proposal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling, the Congressional Republicans lifted their voices to the strains of "Amazing Grace."

The White House isn't having that proposal, by the way.

Aside: I used to live in Missouri's 7th District, and after I left they decided it was a good idea to send an auctioneer named Billy Long to the US House of Representatives. For some reason, it warms my heart to think of him hitting those descants.

We're 15 days into this shutdown. You don't need to hear any more about the vital/mundane/obscure government programs being jeopardized. Too bad: ANTARCTIC RESEARCH.

By the way: If you clicked on that "Amazing Grace" descant link and promptly clicked off again because it was mid-90s Netscape fodder, I strongly encourage you to check back and let it ride. TubaChick23 is pumping out some jams.

Today in depressing bullying cases, two Florida girls, 12 and 14, are charged with felonies for the prolonged taunting that led a classmate to jump to her death in September. Youth is rough in the Internet Age.

Here's a serious inquiry into the health of Miley Cyrus' tongue. RESULTS: Inconclusive.

The Philippines are in disarray after a 7.1 magnitude quake today that's killed at least 93 people.

Someone's planting "dry ice bombs" throughout LAX. No one's been hurt in two "explosions." These are all very serious words for what would be seen as mere jackassery at your local science fair. Kudos to NBC Los Angeles for noting the "devices" are "relatively harmless and simple." It's dry ice in a plastic soda bottle. Still, I concede: Weird to put them around an airport

Currently playing on TubaChick23's soundcloud? MIDI "Creep" by Radiohead. Stick with it.

Iranian dignitaries are in Geneva, and they've got Powerpoints! Well, at least one. It apparently detailed a proposal under which the long-sanctioned nation would back off its nuclear ambitions.

Jobs! Intel will shut down a facility near Tacoma, and move many of those employees to Washington County.

YES, October. Achieve your destiny.


Is it wrong to expect more than this from a tetherball-playing bear? I can't tell if I've got unreasonable expectations.

Anyone else hearing MIDI "Skyfall" right now? Superb.