Clucky plays the kazoo!
  • Chad Lanning
  • Clucky plays the kazoo!
You won't read about it in today's fresh Mercury, but the Harmed Brothers are playing their album release show tonight at Mississippi Studios (3939 N Mississippi). The Eugene band has a fine new album, Better Days, out on Portland based label Fluff & Gravy, and it's a great roots record from a contemporary folk band in the vein of the Avett Brothers. The Harmed Brothers is based around the dueling songwriting of Ray Vietti and Alex Salcido—Uncle Tupelo, a band with similar twin songwriters, is mentioned in their press materials, and the comparison's apt.

Unlike the unmussed fashion-grass coming from the Mumfords of the world, there's something rusty and raw in the Harmed Brothers' songs, something hungry and a little wild-eyed. I haven't seen them live, but they reportedly put on quite a show—we'll have the chance to find out tonight at Mississippi Studios.

Take a listen to Better Days' opening track "When You See Me" below, then mosey over to The Big Takeover, where they have the full album streaming. Tonight kicks off a tour which takes them down to their hometown of Eugene, a run through California, followed by Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and several dates in Vietti's home state of Missouri.